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Today, modern successful businesses rely heavily on accurate data from the market, and it helps to keep them at the top. If you are considering selling products on Amazon or you want to expand your sales to different niches, then you need to find out how ZonGuru will be a great help for your business as explained below.

In this ZonGuru Review, you will learn:

What is ZonGuru?

zonguru interface

ZonGuru is basically a software that helps people succeed at selling in Amazon. More specifically, it is a suite of business tools for Amazon sellers that is designed to help you research, optimize and automate your Amazon business so as to increase sales and profit figures, while also increasing customer acquisition.

This solution was created by two successful Amazon sellers (Adam Hudson and Jon Tilley) to handle the frustrations that they were having. The two needed about 3-4 separate pieces of software in order to boost sales and make profits. But with ZonGuru, all you need to succeed is available in one software.

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Why you need an Amazon keyword tool?


There are two main reasons of why you need Amazon keyword tool:

1. To provide search volumes

This is one of the main advantages of using such a tool. If you are looking to get into a new niche, then you need to know if there are many searches in that particular area.

Usually, the higher the number of searches, the higher the demand and consequently, the more the sales made in that product category, which translates to higher profits.

Therefore, this tool comes in very handy in helping you determine if you should go ahead or look for another product segment to get into.

2. To craft a listing keyword for your product

Having a proper listing name is good enough to earn your product a lot of organic traffic even if the niche is filled with big, recognizable brands.

As you use the Amazon keyword tool, you will get to see which keywords are searched more than others and this should help you come up with a good listing label, as well as an optimized description, for better ranking during customer searches.

11 Tools inside ZonGuru

As stated earlier, ZonGuru is a suite of business tools for optimizing your business. There are 11 tools inside ZonGuru:

1. ZonGuru Chrome Extension

zonguru chrome extension

ZonGuru Chrome extension tool is designed for product research in any category. This is essentially the first stage or step that you have to do before venturing into a new product segment. Doing this manually can be very tiring and time-consuming but this extension gives you the results quickly and with ease.

Basically, the tool is a niche rater that gives the product keyword you are searching for a rating based on 4 factors: buyer demand, competition opportunity, investment sweet spot, and revenue potential.

With these factors, you get an accurate rating that will inform you whether it’s safe or risky to invest in that product segment.

2. Business Dashboard

business dashboard

This tool gives you a snapshot of your business’ performance over a certain period of time. It shows you the important trends such as the current gross revenue, previous period revenue and net profits in graphical form for better analysis and more informed decision making about the future of your business.

Also included are several widgets for gross revenue, net margin, net profit, and business value, which show you the figures at a glance. The entire dashboard is designed intuitively for easy use.

3. Sales Spy

sales spy

The name literally says it all. This tool helps you “spy” or track monthly sales data for any product on Amazon and this is important because for you to make serious profit margins, you need to invest in goods that sell in large volumes.

Sales spy acquires data directly from Amazon’s API, ensuring you get fresh, up-to-date and real data that gives you the sales intelligence required so as to choose a product with high demand.

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4. Email Automator

email automator

Following up on customers is one of the most important things you can do to maintain a successful Amazon business. Basically, keeping them updated with any new information about your products, discounts, and campaigns nurtures the relationship with them, thereby creating a loyal customer base.

However, if you have thousands of customers, it is practically impossible to send all of them emails manually. With ZonGuru’s Email Automator tool, you can easily setup personalized emails that are sent out automatically at specified intervals that you decide upon.

This setup also allows you to receive feedback and reviews from your customers for improvement on the issues that were not satisfactory.

5. Keyword Tracker

keyword tracker

Keywords are literally the determining factors towards the visibility of your listings. Even if you got the listing name right the first time, customer searches might change over time and you have to change the keywords so that your products continue ranking higher.

With the keyword tracker tool, you can easily monitor where your keywords rank graphically and therefore if you notice a dip in sales with no negative reviews from customers, then you might want to use this tool to find which keywords will put you back at the top.

6. Keyword Listing Optimizer

keyword listing optimizer

A keyword listing optimizer and the tracker above are actually very different from each other. This listing optimizer scans your entire product listing to check where your desired keywords are placed in the product title, description, bullet points, and back end info.

After this analysis, the tool shows you which areas are not optimized so that you can make the necessary changes for higher ranking in Amazon’s search engine results.

7. Product Monitor

product monitor

With products on sale being the core business in Amazon, this tool keeps you informed about any developments in your business in two ways. First, it sends you instant alerts to your inbox immediately your product gets a customer review.

The tool also sends you hijack-alerts on any of your listings so that you can take immediate action if anyone tries to steal your business.

Additionally, you can also track what is happening on your competitor’s products so as to get a full picture of all developments in the niche that you do business in.

8. Negative Feedback Alert

negative feedback alert

As a seller, the goal is to always meet your customer’s expectations but at times, a negative rating or feedback may come in.

With the Negative Feedback Alert tool, ZonGuru sends you an instant alert for any negative feedback left by your customers so that you can sort it out immediately.

The goal here is to enable you to create a line of communication with that customer as soon as possible so as to understand the problem, sort it out and hopefully, turn the frown upside down.

This will also help to increase your customer base because if they are happy, they will most likely return again to buy more or recommend your products to other people.

9. Your Orders

your orders

With Your Orders tool, you get a summary of all the orders made on your Amazon seller account, showing various details such as the product name, purchase date and time, quantity, customer name and address within a certain duration.

This information is particularly useful when dealing with negative reviews, because you can scroll through or search for the order by the customer’s name, get the order details then try to solve the issue from there.

10. Your Products

your products

Your Products tool is specifically designed to manage your inventory so that you never run out of stock. All you have to do is to feed in the shipping time from the manufacturer to Amazon and the time it takes to manufacture the product.

With this data, ZonGuru automatically calculates the figures and factors in the orders you have had in the past so as to determine if you need to refill your inventory. An alert will be sent out automatically via email if your stock is running low so that you can take action immediately.

Other than that, this tool also lets you feed in the COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), which will reflect in the business dashboard tool for further analysis. 

11. IP Monitor

ip monitor

Lastly is the IP monitor tool, which protects you from the theft of intellectual property on Amazon. This IP is usually in the form of product photos.

Part of the marketing process requires you to use unique and beautiful photos of your products as part of the listing for improved visibility. After going through all the hard work of capturing the perfect photos, you will feel very awful if other shady sellers steal these images then use them as their own.

With IP monitor, you can set a few security preferences for your products so that an alert is sent out to your email every time someone else tries to use an identical, edited or resized image that matches your own for his/her listing.

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ZonGuru Chrome Extension & ZonGuru App

chrome extension and mobile app

ZonGuru Chrome Extension is the latest addition to the business suite’s tools and as stated earlier, its main task is to help you find the next product or next niche that you can penetrate into to expand your business.

It is well equipped with filters that help you narrow it down to what exactly it is that you want while providing you with very accurate data at the same time, leaving you with guru-like research quality.

On the other hand, ZonGuru Mobile App basically allows you to monitor your business while on the go. It has a dashboard that shows sales figures in all the markets, all sales for each individual product and a business performance analysis for each product based on current and previous sales for a particular time period (day, week or month).

The App is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, covering the two major mobile platforms in the world.

Note: You must set up a new account to use this mobile app even if you have an active ZonGuru account.

ZonGuru Plans & Pricing

Here are ZonGuru plans in monthly price:

zonguru pricing in monthly

and here are in yearly price:

zonguru pricing in yearly

ZonGuru offers a 7-day free trial with no contract and you can cancel it anytime. After this period, you need to sign up for either one of the 3 packages that are offered, which include Starter, Business and Plus.

Starter Plan

On a monthly basis, the Starter package will cost you $49 and with this you get:

  • Unlimited chrome extension usage.
  • Sales spy for 75 products.
  • Keyword tracker for 75 keywords.
  • Keyword listing optimizer: Unlimited.
  • “Your Products” and “Your Orders” use: Unlimited.
  • 7-days limited business dashboard.
  • Product monitor and alerts for 5 products.
  • IP monitor for 5 keywords.
  • 100 e-mails per month for Email Automator.
  • 1 marketplace.
  • 2 additional alert e-mail addresses.

For the best deal, it is recommended to go for the annual package that costs $420, which translates to $35 per month (save you $147).

Business Plan

On the other hand, the Business package gives you:

  • Unlimited chrome extension usage.
  • Sales spy for 150 products.
  • Keyword tracker for 600 keywords.
  • Keyword listing optimizer: Unlimited.
  • “Your Products” and “Your Orders” use: Unlimited.
  • Business dashboard: Unimited
  • Product monitor and alerts for 150 products.
  • IP monitor for 150 keywords.
  • 20,000 e-mails per month for Email Automator.
  • Unlimited marketplaces.
  • 10 additional alert e-mail addresses.

The monthly package costs $99 but a yearly up-front fee of $780 is better, equaling $65 monthly (save you $387).

Plus Plan

Lastly, the Plus package costs $199 monthly but a yearly upfront fee of $1,428 will save you $937 because it translates to $119/ month. With this package, you get:

  • Unlimited chrome extension usage.
  • Sales spy for 300 products.
  • Keyword tracker for 2000 keywords.
  • Keyword listing optimizer: Unlimited.
  • “Your Products” and “Your Orders” use: Unlimited.
  • Business dashboard: Unlimited.
  • Product monitor and alerts for 300 products.
  • IP monitor for 300 keywords.
  • 40,000 e-mails per month for Email Automator.
  • Unlimited marketplaces.
  • 20 additional alert e-mail addresses.

As your business grows, you will naturally find it necessary to upgrade to the next higher package because these are designed to help you scale up and meet all the demands of your expanding sales figures.

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How to Use ZonGuru Sales Spy

ZonGuru Sales Spy

Sales Spy is one of the most important tools in the ZonGuru suite because it lets you view how products are performing in terms of sales volumes and revenues. With this information, you can decide if the product category is right for you.

Together with the chrome extension tool, the two work hand-in-hand to help you acquire this data and that said, here are the steps required for you to properly set up and use ZonGuru’s Sales Spy.

Steps required to use ZonGuru Sales Spy properly

  1. First and foremost, you must have a ZonGuru account and with a 7-day free trial, you can create one in either of the 3 packages.
  2. Log-in to your account from your web browser then click on the Sales Spy tab on the left side menu panel.
  3. Open a new browser tab and go to the product listing you are interested in, in Amazon.
  4. Look for the product’s ASIN by pressing CTRL or CMD + F (for Windows or Mac respectively) then type in ASIN in the search field that appears.
  5. Copy this ASIN alphanumeric number and paste it on the top text field in Sales Spy.
  6. Choose the marketplace you want to make your search from the drop-down menu. The default is .com for the US market but you can change this as per your search requirements.
  7. You have the option of adding a tag so as to group your searches for easy searching later on.
  8. Click on the green ADD button on the right side.

Several columns

After this, you will see several columns, with the first one showing the product’s information (product title, brand, the tag you entered and the ASIN).

The second column shows the price, third, the estimated daily and monthly sales, fourth, the estimated daily and monthly growth revenues, fifth, the estimated profit and lastly, the number of reviews and rating of the product.

The most important column, however, is the estimated profit info, which shows the estimated daily and monthly profits based on a 30% sales margin.

These values are very important to consider because they show the actual amount of money that you might be earning if you get into selling that product.

You also get a sales graph for the product, which displays the information in 3 metrics: BSR (Best Seller Rank), Sales and Gross Revenue. With this data, you should be able to make an informed decision as to whether it is a red or green sign.

Pros and Cons of ZonGuru

pros and cons of zonguru


  • Covers all the aspects of an FBA business.
  • Features a chrome extension for identifying the most lucrative niche in minutes.
  • 11 tools in 1, all of which are geared towards maintaining customer loyalty.
  • Free trial available.


  • The starter package is very limited.
  • A bit costly (especially when compared to Jungle Scout).
  • Short trial period.

ZonGuru Alternatives and Comparison: ZonGuru vs JungleScout vs Sellics vs Viral Launch vs Feedback Genius

There are some other alternatives of Amazon Tools outside ZonGuru, but just by looking the picture below, you can easily see that ZonGuru beat them all in all factors:

zonguru vs jungle scout vs sellics vs viral launch vs feedback genius

Conclusion: Should You Buy ZonGuru?

As you can see, ZonGuru is equipped with a lot of tools for efficient running and management of your business. For example, if you consider Jungle Scout, for instance, it is quite limited as compared to ZonGuru, which means you may need another software to fill in the gap so that you can run your business efficiently or do the remainder of the work manually, which is not as efficient.

Another benefit with ZonGuru is that these multiple features or tools are accessible just under 1 login, which makes it very convenient to use. With these benefits, you should make the smart move and invest in Zonguru if you seriously want to grow or scale your Amazon business. You will definitely get value for your money after doing so.

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