Teikametrics Review – Pros & Cons + How to Get Special Offer

teikametrics review

When I first started delving into the world of Amazon, I thought I would have equal footing with the rest of my competitors. After all, it’s an open marketplace, right?

I was very wrong. Very, very wrong.

Amazon may be a marketplace, but it’s more than just putting up items for sale and selling them as fast as you can list them. That’s just half of the battle. The other half relies on consumers finding your store to begin with.

This is where Teikametrics comes in. Teikametrics is a retail optimization platform that changed the way I sold my products on Amazon. It gave the competitive edge that I need to keep me a step above the rest.

In a nutshell, Teikametrics gave me the following:

  • New keyword opportunities for my listing
  • Streamlining my advertising spending
  • Automating my keyword bidding
  • Reports and in-depth analysis of how my store is doing


teikametrics features

1. Teikametrics Sponsored Products Optimizer

Teikametrics Sponsored Product Optimizer, or SPO, is a tool that allows sellers like me to optimize my Amazon sponsored products campaign. If I wanted to show up on the sponsored products listing, I would have to pay for an ad campaign to get my products listed for a particular keyword.

SPO helped me:

  1. Create targeted campaigns.
    This allowed me to get the maximum reach possible within my budget.
  2. Discover the most profitable keywords on Amazon.
    I don’t need to download a spreadsheet and go through hundreds of keywords. SPO does that for me and will just give me those that are profitable. All of my keywords can be accessed straight from my dashboard too.
  3. Automate my bids in Seller Central.
    Their algorithmic automation allows sellers like me to get the best position possible.

2. Teikametrics Flywheel

Teikametrics Flywheel helped me launch my products and increased their profitability through their 3-step process:

  1. Using my sales data to improve advertising.
    Every time I sell something on Amazon, the sales data is generated and used to optimize my Amazon advertising so I don’t lose momentum.
  2. Optimizing my ads with their Flywheel Data Science.
    This algorithm helped increase my conversion rate while lowering costs. I get the ads that work and remove those that don’t.
  3. Increasing my sales, organic traffic, and reviews.
    Their tool allows me to find more buyers for my products and is done through their performance-centric algorithm that gives me metrics on ad and organic sales. I know where my sales are coming from specifically and helped me focus on what I needed to invest in.

Teikametrics Flywheel makes it easy for me to analyze product level profitability and gives me all the data that I need to make sure that my business’ expenses and profits are all accounted for.

Flywheel also streamlines every penny I spend on Amazon Ads, so I don’t waste a single cent or miss out on a single user.

3. Insite for FBA

Teikametrics Insite for FBA is a software platform that allows retailers like me to manage investments, track profits, and find opportunities.

The software makes it easy for me to identify which products and suppliers are active, and which ones are holding me back from growing. My FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) has done nothing but sell the most profitable products thanks to Insite for FBA.

I can track Buyer, Supplier, SKU, and Product information through this software, so I’ll know which products are worth investing on in terms of ad campaigns.

Insite for FBA is a software platform that helps retailers find new opportunities, manage investments, and track profitability.

Just like Flywheel and SPO, Insite for FBA also provides me with user metrics that matter and allows me to get the most out of any product thanks to its performance-centric algorithm.

Not only are sales into consideration, but also how much money I spent on advertising and promotions. I now know which products are tying up my capital and allowed me to cut my losses when they were still very low.

If your Amazon business is reliant on finding golden products within a particular niche, this platform is great at doing that. Half of my business is spent on FBA, and Insite for FBA made it possible for me to streamline the products that I need to sell.

I no longer have to do trial and error on what products sell and don’t. Every data generated by the sales is put to good use and I am able to increase my growth and profits.

4. FBA Overview

Insite for FBA is summarized by brand, SKU, and Category. I can prioritize which data to be shown in any report.

5. FBA Opportunities

The existing sales information can be used to forecast the demand of the most profitable products. This will help businesses to capitalize on their success.

6. FBA Purchase Orders

I can generate replenishment orders and I can customize it depending on the needs of my business, allowing me to keep an accurate track on how much I spend on inventory.

7. FBA Shipment Plans

Just like purchase orders, I can also generate shipment plans and print product labels.

8. Profitability Analyzer

I know how much it cost to sell a product thanks to their Profitability Analyzer.

9. FBA Inventory Optimizer

I know the performance of every item and I know which ones sell and which ones don’t, making it easy for me to plan my restocking.

10. Refunds Recovery

Worst case scenario, I issue a refund. But Teikametrics makes it possible to streamline my refunding process because I know how much money I need to refund a particular customer.

11. Reports

The best thing about Teikametrics is the number of reports that can be generated within the system, and each one of them are just as helpful as the other.

  • Total Inventory Value
    I made the mistake of having too much inventory at one point in my business, but Teikametrics helped me identify my current inventory, its worth, how many are in reserves, and how many are in order.
  • Aged Inventory
    Aged Inventory Report helps me identify how long a product has been sitting on my inventory. If I needed to know what products needed to go on a discount because they’ve been in the shelf for too long, this report will help me do that.
  • Settlement Report
    Settlement Report identifies the brands and categories that contribute to the overall profit of settlements.
  • Best Sellers
    Tracks the best-selling products and shows me their performance levels.
  • Returns Analyzer
    I know how much of my products are being returned due to Returns Analyzer.

12. Expert Campaign Launch

Teikametrics Expert Campaign Launch is intended for making product-specific campaigns based on performance and category. Again, with focus on its performance-centric data, Expert Campaign Launch is optimized for performance.

13. SPO Managed Services

Teikametrics SPO Managed Services helps me manage all of my business if I don’t have time to get into it. Their experts will do all of the work for me, from keyword discovery to aligning my bid automation to generating reports on performance metrics.

The Sponsored Products Optimizer Managed Service helps me set up the best campaign management possible through their powerful algorithms and experts.


plans and pricing

With all of the features listed above and more, I would like to mention that the program does not come with a cheap price tag.

There are two plans that you’ll need to keep an eye out for:

Flywheel Managed Services ($1,800/mo + One Time Fee + % Ad Spend)

Teikametrics is the perfect plan for those who want to launch and manage their campaigns but don’t have the time to do so. Teikametrics Flywheel Managed Services allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Continuously improved performance
  2. Create and improve campaigns as you add products and change your goals
  3. Create strategies that allow you to accomplish your business goals quicker
  4. Daily bid adjustments
  5. Keyword optimization and management
  6. Alerts for product or campaign intervention

Flywheel Plans (Average of $250/mo + % Ad Spend)

In Flywheel Plans, there are 3 plans to choose from:

  • Entrepreneur – $149 / month plus 7% monthly ad spend (Up to $15,000 in ad spend / month)
    Entrepreneur is the cheapest Flywheel plan at $149 monthly plus 7% in monthly ad spend. This is ideal for those who’re just starting out and want to enjoy what the system offers before delving deeper.
  • Pro – $799 / month plus 3.5% monthly ad spend ($15,000 to $50,000 in ad spend/month)
    The sweet spot between affordable and premium, Pro plan gives you better control over your Amazon business, which is intended for businesses who’ve already launched and sold a few products.
  • Premium – $1,999 / month plus 2% monthly ad spend (over $50,000 in ad spend/month)
    Premium covers everything that Entrepreneur and Pro Plans have, but with the added access to their automation platform.

Regardless of the plan you choose, all Flywheel plans will include:

  1. Product-level Profitability
  2. Targeted Keyword Suggestions
  3. Unlimited Products & Campaigns
  4. Price Aware bidding Algorithm
  5. Expert Chat Support
  6. Custom Metrics View


pros and cons

Pros of Using Teikametrics

  • Algorithmic Bidding Optimization
    No longer will you have to follow archaic rules-based bidding. Teikametrics now makes it possible to automate your bidding with their learning optimization and algorithm.

    Their algorithm continuously learns your business model and makes the ideal changes and adjustments to your bidding strategies without you lifting a finger.
  • Streamlined Product-Level Profitability
    Their data analysis tools and reporting makes it possible for me and other retailers to look into what products are profitable for me and what products are becoming more expensive the longer I keep them.

    With their performance being monitored, Teikametrics also helps me streamline my promotions and advertising. Through their reports, I know which products need to be promoted and which products need to be just let go.
  • Keyword Automation
    Gone are the days when you have to browse through a spreadsheet to find the keywords that you want to test them out.

    This process is tedious, but with Teikametrics, you can streamline and optimize for the best keywords for your products without the mundane spreadsheets.
    I also don’t have to do trial and error because Teikametrics only presents me with keywords that are proven to be effective and profitable based on performance.
  • Real Amazon Experts
    Their Managed Services are what keep Teikametrics at a level higher than its competitors. Again, I can just hire their team for a month to help me manage my campaigns and reports from time to time if I feel that I need help or if I felt that I plateaued in terms of getting new sales or increasing conversion.

Cons of Using Teikametrics

  • Little Bit Expensive
    All right, Teikametrics is not intended for the fleeting entrepreneurs, which is why the price tag on their plans is very high.
    If you’re going to avail the Managed Services and the Flywheel Plans, you get to spend around $2,000 at the very least!

    Comparatively, if you were to run a brick-and-mortar store, this would be somewhere along the lines of spending for something to improve your business’ income stream. Which is what Teikametrics is all about.
  • It’s Not Intended For Beginners
    Despite being great for what it delivers, it’s not really intended for beginners because of the data being generated. If you just started your Amazon business, then this program is not going to help you grow because you wouldn’t know how to make sense of the data it generates.

    From experience, it took me at least one month to get used to the features and the data because I didn’t want to hire the Managed Services just yet.

    Did I waste a few hundred dollars a month to study this software? I don’t think so because I am now where I am because of Teikametrics.


If you are serious about growing your Amazon business and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to improve your sales, then Teikametrics is worth investing money on.

And the reason why is that it just gives you access to a lot of tools that give you an insider look at how your business is doing and what you can do to improve it.

Chalk it up to your business’ operating expenses if you want to justify a couple hundred dollars a month on an optimization platform. I know I did. However, if you don’t feel that your Amazon business needs to be invested money on, then Teikametrics is not for you. And I say this because the tool is geared towards helping businesses grow and requires your commitment.


teikametrics special offer

To get Teikametrics at the lowest price possible, you need to go directly to Teikametrics’ Special Offer page, because anytime they launch a new promo or special offer, they launch officially on the page. Here is the link: