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Most of you come to this page because you want to know more about Sellics the Amazon tool. You visit the right page! Because here we discover everything you need to know before you purchase this powerful seller tool, including:

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What is Sellics?

Sellics is basically a multifunctional Amazon software platform that is available for sellers, vendors, and agencies on Amazon.

Depending on your profile, you will have different business needs and Sellics enables you to manage PPC campaigns and track profits, as well as help you in keyword ranking, analytics and much more.

Now let’s take a deep dive into this software’s capabilities…

What you can do with this tool

As stated above, Sellics is offered for sellers, vendors, and agencies, and each one of the three has some distinct features of its own.

Sellics Seller Edition is designed for sellers who use Amazon’s Seller Central interface and it helps eliminate the tedious task of jumping back and forth between Seller Central, spreadsheets and other tools as you try to grow your business.

To do this, the software gives you a dashboard to show an overview of your business while also monitoring your inventory, customer reviews, and competition, as well as managing your PPC and boosting your keyword ranking.

On the other hand, Sellics Vendor Edition is designed for those who use Amazon’s Vendor Central interface and it helps you do AMS management, buy box monitoring, retail analytics and much more.

Lastly, Sellics Agency Edition is exclusively designed for agencies for their Amazon clients.

Sellics features in details

sellics features

To help you understand what exactly you can do with each of the 3 editions, here is a close up look at their features in detail. 

Seller Edition (SE)

PPC Manager

In order to get good profits on Amazon, you need to run profitable ads. With PPC Manager, you can automate your PPC campaigns so as to reduce the time you spend managing this and spend it doing other more important things for your business.

Basically, this software automatically increases the keyword bid when the Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) is low, lowers keyword bid when the ACoS is high and pauses keyword bidding if it is not profitable.

On top of this, the PPC Manager also tracks your campaign performance and gives you a visual of your KPIs such as CPC, cost, revenue, ACoS, and many others, on a trend chart.

Lastly, this manager helps you optimize your campaigns for profit by providing you with all of your historical campaign data, which you can’t get on seller central, and also your keyword bid history.

Inventory Control

Any successful Amazon business will tell you that you should never run out of stock because this will negatively affect your income.

With Inventory Control, you can ensure that this mistake never happens by keying in the lead time for each of your products, then let the system give you the best re-order date for each one based on the sales velocity and lead time.

After this analysis, inventory control gives you a 90-day reorder pipeline so that you can see what is required at a glance and plan your resources accordingly.

Competitor Monitoring

This is an age-old tactic that always works. This feature allows you to monitor your competitor’s products and prices, as well as track their exact sales using only the ASIN number.

Aside from this, you also get to see your BuyBox share for the last 30 days and which of your products don’t own the BuyBox in graphical form.

Lastly, this tool gives you a hijack alert via email anytime other sellers try to unrightfully link their products to yours, and they usually do this if their products are cheaper so that they can “steal” sales or revenue from you. The alert will help you take action immediately by having them removed before losing customers and revenue.

Ranking Optimization

About 90% of Amazon customers don’t look beyond page 3 of their search results and this means that if your product does not appear here, you have no chance in making a sale. 

With Ranking Optimization however, you can research new keywords from what most customers are searching on Amazon using the built-in keyword search volume indicator. This will help you add onto your seed and relevant keywords.

After this, the tool also allows you to optimize your product listing by giving you recommendations on how to change the product title, bullet points, and description. You can also compare your product listing with that of your competitors so as to spot the differences and improvements that you can make.

Once all changes are made, Sellics enables you to track keyword rankings over time so that you can see if your optimization changes have had a positive effect on your product’s ranking and BSR, and a ranking index plots all of your keywords’ performance on a chart for easy reading/ analysis

Review Management

Review management is important for two main reasons. First, it helps you respond to negative reviews as quickly as possible because these can very quickly drop your sales figures. The system does so by sending you an email alert every time a customer leaves a review on your product, be it positive or negative.

With this notification, you can then quickly take immediate action on any negative review by reaching out to the customer and try to sort out this mess. The goal here is to make each buyer satisfied and happy so that he/she can return next time or recommend your products for organic growth in sales.

The second thing that this review management can do is to help you improve your copywriting. As you go through the positive customer reviews, you will spot some features or valuable information that has a lot of favorable feedback and this can be very valuable if added to the listing such as in the bullet points.

To sort out the reviews for better analysis, simply use the filters to get positive or negative feedback for a particular product over a certain period of time.

Product Research

As a seller, it is important to make sure that you invest in products that sell quickly so as to make huge profits.

Product Research tool enables you to identify top-selling products in just a few seconds. The software gives you access to the top 10,000 best selling products on Amazon for each category and with this, you get a panel with several filters such as estimated sales, number of reviews, sales rank and price.

Apart from this data, the panel also shows you the number of sellers for that product so that you can make a wise decision.

If that wasn’t enough, a niche analyzing tool is also built in to help you find a product segment that has the highest probability of generating lots of sales.

Lastly, a spy tool is included, and it lets you track the actual sales numbers of the products in question so that you don’t make the mistake of investing in shelf warming items.

Profit Measurement

The final component of this Seller edition is the profit measurement tool, which shows you the real-time sales, costs and profit for all your products.

All you have to do is to connect Profit Measurement dashboard to your Amazon’s seller central account and the system will automatically calculate everything for you plus give you live updates throughout the day.

On the dashboard, a very clear breakdown of the sales vs expenses is shown so that you can see the profit margin you have gained. Additionally, sales figures are split into organic and PPC ads, enabling you to see if the paid ads are adding significant value to the products you are moving daily.

Another benefit with this tool is that it calculates the profit by SKU because not all of them contribute equally to the combined profit. This will show you which product is losing you money and you will decide if it’s worth proceeding with it or remove it from your roster.

Vendor Edition (VE)

This is the second available edition, and it has the following features:

Review Management

VE gives you everything you need to manage customer feedback so that you can control your brand’s reputation in the marketplace.

This process starts by tracking all the reviews and questions posted about your product and immediately notifies you via email.

From there, you can respond by checking on these via the review management system, then follow up using the watchlist for any additional questions or review adjustments.

All the information gathered by this system is displayed in graphical form so that you can get a quick overview of the trends and feedback status.

Improve Product Visibility

Product visibility has got mostly to do with keyword optimization. Improve Product Visibility helps you to analyze and check your content so as to identify any optimization potential.

Once this is done, VE, just like in the Seller Edition, does comprehensive keyword research so as to determine the seed and relevant keywords that you can use to improve and optimize your product listing for better ranking and visibility.

After you have made changes to your product listing, the system allows you to monitor if this was successful or not by tracking your keyword rankings, and this will show you if further changes are required.

Lastly, this tool monitors all the changes made to your product’s info so that you can be notified immediately Amazon or any third party make unauthorized changes to this listing.

Optimize AMS Campaigns

First and foremost, this tool helps to automate your sponsored product campaigns instead of manually managing your bids and keywords.

The tool also does PPC analytics for you, giving an overview of all KPIs in seconds, enabling you to compare the effectiveness of each ad type and campaign. This data is stored and with that, you can also get a visual of the KPI trends over your entire PPC history so as to see how your campaign has evolved.

Additionally, this tool automatically tracks changes to your PPC campaigns, then visualizes them in graphical form so that you can obtain valuable info and make smarter decisions by learning from the historical data.

With all these features, Sellics’ PPC management can be integrated easily with Amazon’s advertising API, allowing you to set up and do everything from the platform, which is very convenient.

Buy Box Monitoring

Buy Box monitoring and competitor monitoring goes hand-in-hand. Basically, Buy Box monitoring notifies you immediately via email if Amazon loses the Buy Box or if it runs out of stock so that you can react as soon as possible.

Buy Box Monitoring will show you why Amazon is not winning the Buy Box and this lets you remain in control over your products. Other than this, the tool lets you see who sells similar products like yours on Amazon, and their prices.

Retail Analytics

Retail analytics basically gives you an easier understanding of your growth revenues in Amazon. With Sellics’ Chrome Extension, you can pull your ARA/ARAP data daily from Amazon, then store it in your account for doing a direct comparison between your sell-in and sell-out data.

In addition, the tool visualizes your sales data for quick performance analysis while also giving you an overview of your marketplace sales performance by country, ASIN, brand and many others.

Agency Edition (AE)

Sellics Agency Edition is designed to help agencies manage multi-client seller and vendor accounts so as to take care of all clients easily. The software shows your client’s aggregated amazon data, gives you granular access controls and streamline SEO among many others while receiving world-class support from industry experts so as to perform at your absolute best.

How to get the most out

how to get the most out

To get the most out of Sellics, you need to pick the right edition depending on your seller profile. As an Amazon seller, you either sell directly to consumers via seller central (a third-party seller) or you sell your products to Amazon on vendor central (this is usually by invitation from Amazon).

If you are a third-party seller, then you need the Seller Edition, which has the features that are ideal for managing your direct consumer sales.

On the other hand, if you sell to Amazon, then you can get the most out of this tool if you subscribe to the Vendor Edition. The same case applies to the Agency Edition, which is customized to help a large agency manage multiple seller and vendor accounts. With that, you should choose where you fit best.

Plans and Pricing

sellics plans and pricing

To begin, Sellics comes with a 14-day free trial period that you can sign up to without entering any credit card information for all the editions. After this period, some payment is required. For the seller edition, the pricing is as follows:

Annual Amazon Sales Monthly Plan Biannual Plan Annual Plan
$0 $57 N/A N/A
$1000 – $60,000 $67 $57 $47
$60,000 – $240,000 $97 $87 $77
$240,000 – $600,000 $157 $137 $117
$600,000 – $1,200,000 $217 $187 $157
$1,200,000 + $317 $287 $257

As for the vendor edition, the price depends on the modules you choose, which include customer feedback, content & SEO, Buy Box, retail analytics and advertising.

Pros and Cons


  • Supports 9 Amazon marketplaces – Sellics supports the US, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, India, Canada, Mexico, and France marketplaces.
  • Long 14-day trial period with no credit card info required for this duration.
  • Variable pricing, in which your subscription fee is determined by your sales volume. Basically, the system is designed to grow with you.
  • Reliable customer support – you can reach out to support via email or live chat and response will be quick.
  • Wide knowledge base – there are multiple tips covered on how to best use each of all features to the full potential so as to grow your business.


  • Does not calculate ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Seller Edition is limited to one seller central account.
  • You must connect your Sellics account to Amazon’s seller central even for trial or testing. A majority of the features cannot be tested without this connection.

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Alternatives and Comparison

Sellics does have some competition in this category and one alternative that stands out is SellerApp. Here is a comparison between the two.

Features Sellics SellerApp
Keyword Research Yes Yes
Keyword Optimization Yes Yes
Product Research Yes Yes
Review Management Yes Yes
Rating Alert Yes Yes
Ad Optimization Yes Yes
Hijacker Alert Yes Yes
Inventory Control Yes No
Starting Price $57 per month $49.99 per month
Free Trial 14 days 7 days

Should You Buy Sellics?

As of now, Sellics is a very reliable software for managing and growing your Amazon business, and you could say it is operating at the efficiency at which Germans are known for since it is German.

The software is definitely a product to watch because it is gaining ground on some of the more established brands such as SellerApp.

Another benefit that makes Sellics stand out is that it is available in 3 editions, one for sellers, the other for vendors and the last one for agencies, with each one having different features for different Amazon sellers.

However, since every type of Amazon business person has a different taste, it is recommended to try out the 14 days for free so that you get a first-hand feel of all the features on offer before subscribing.

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