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Are you interested in retaining your clients and gaining new ones to expand your revenue base? You can try giving discounts and offers but you might run into trouble when balancing your books.

Instead of gambling with your profits like that, there is a better option in the form of Marketing Boost. This is the undisputed leader in incentive-based marketing and it has irresistible offers that will blow your clients away.

Well, how exactly does it work? Let me break it down to you.

How Marketing Boost Works

Marketing Boost utilizes a 3-step secret weapon that benefits both you and your clients. These steps are:

Stop Undercutting Yourself

I find discounts and offers to be very bad for business. This is the reason why business people sometimes give secretive offers, urging you not to tell your friends. However, the fact is this can spread very quickly and very soon, you’ll be giving discounts to everyone.

With Marketing Boost onboard, you can stick to your pricing, which will keep your profits and account books looking healthy. You should use this income to invest back into your business for continued growth and financial freedom.  

Offer Valuable Incentives that You Don’t Fulfill Personally

This is where Marketing Boost comes to the rescue. Instead of offering discounts, imagine offering your clients high-value holiday incentives that you did not fulfill personally.

Remember that all customers like to be treated like royalty. None can resist an accommodation-paid holiday as an incentive. Once one or a few of your customers experience this, word will spread like fire.

Soon enough, you will have a swarm of new clients, all dreaming of enjoying some sun on the beach or enjoying exquisite cuisines halfway across the world. Best of all, you are not the one to foot the bill.

Wow Customers and New Clients

Once you start receiving this swarm of new clients, you will set them up to receive a certificate from Marketing Boost to redeem their vacation package. After this, they will have a period of 7 days to activate these certificates. Once activated, they’ll be valid for 18 months.

During this period, your customers have the freedom to pick any date to go and enjoy their much-deserved break.

Is Marketing Boost Legit?

This seems too good to be true. Trust me, I know. But here is the logic behind it. Marketing Boost has partnered with several destination hotels around the globe. They work closely with industry insiders who have info about unsold premium accommodation.

Marketing Boost secures these rooms at very low prices and the aim is to fill these hotels to capacity. This helps the hotels to earn as much as they can and therefore, this program is win-win for all.

You win by rewarding your customers and acquiring new ones. Your customers win by getting high-value incentives such as restaurant and vacation incentives. Hotels win by filling to capacity, attracting new clients, and making more profits.

The secret is that in the luxury travel industry, profits are not derived from nightly rates. Therefore, they agree to cheap accommodation rates while intending to recoup the money in casinos, spas, room service, in-house dining, and other services. These costs are not catered for and therefore, your client should handle all these extras.

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Membership Packages

To get these benefits for your business, you only need to subscribe to either one of the three available packages. These are silver, gold, and platinum, and are paid either monthly or annually.


  • Silver package – $97 a month
  • Gold package – $197 a month
  • Platinum package – $297 a month


  • Silver package – $797 a year (You SAVE 44%)
  • Gold package – $1,597 a year (You SAVE 33%)
  • Platinum package – $2,497 a year (You SAVE 30%)

You also have the option of paying in 3 installments of $277, $537, and $837 respectively. Each of these packages has a free 7-day trial period and they have the following features.

Package Comparison

Cost$97/month or $797/year$197/month or $1,597/year$297/month or $2,497/year
Self-VacationYou and your family get 1/year (worth $1,500)1/year for you and your family (worth $1,500)1/year for you and your family (worth $1,500)
Vacation Incentives10/month worth a combined value of $10,000Unlimited/month but not exceeding $15,000+value/monthUnlimited/month for 5 businesses but not exceeding $15,000+value/month
Restaurant Incentives10/month worth a combined value of $3,000Unlimited/month but not exceeding $5,000+value/monthUnlimited/month for 5 businesses but not exceeding $5,000+value/month
Hotel Savings Card10/month worth a combined value of $3,000Unlimited/month but not exceeding $5,000/monthUnlimited/month for 5 businesses but not exceeding $5,000+value/month
Live Mastermind Business, Sales, Marketing and Mindset Web Class TrainingOne or two sessions/month1-2/month1-2/month
Video Ads for Your IndustryReady (Pre-made)Pre-madePre-made
Ready Sales Funnels and Landing PagesReady (pre-made) for deploymentPre-made and ready for deploymentPre-made and ready for deployment
CommunityFacebook community (20,000+ members)Access to a 20,000+ Facebook communityAccess to a 20,000+ Facebook community
Price LockYesAvailableAvailable
API IntegrationsReady for your landing pagesAvailable for your landing pagesAvailable for your landing pages
Secret Video TrainingN/AComprehensive training on how Marketing Boost founders made sales of over $200 million using Facebook adsComprehensive training on how Marketing Boost founders made sales of over $200 million using Facebook ads
Access to a Video Training Library for Business, Sales, Marketing and Mindset Web TrainingNoYesYes
Redemption CommissionsN/AEarn up to $15 for each redeemed vacation certificateEarn up to $15 for each redeemed vacation certificate
SupportN/APriority tech supportPriority tech support
Sales Funnel CustomizationN/AAvailable for freeAvailable for free

Enjoy Marketing Boost 7 Day FREE TRIAL Here »

The Catch

Gold is the most popular package while platinum is preferred by agencies and large organizations. There is a small catch though. Marketing Boost does not pay for taxes.

Therefore, for vacations that cost roughly $300/night, your customer will have to pay around $20 in taxes. This is a small price to pay though considering the high value of the incentive.


Well, you might be wondering where the vacation destinations are and these are spread all over the world.

In the US, there are 4-day/3-night packages in Atlanta, Atlantic City, Branson, Chicago, Daytona Beach, Gatlinburg, Las Vegas, Miami, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, Orlando, Phoenix, San Antonio and San Diego. There is also a 6-day/5-night vacation in Hawaii (Waikiki).

Outside the US, there are 5-day/4-night vacation deals in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Rio De Janeiro (Brazil), Cartagena and Medellin (Colombia), Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), and many others regions in the Americas.

The list is endless because there are more destinations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

Can You Trust Marketing Boost?

Absolutely. Marketing Boost has over 5000 members and so far, it has gifted over 500,000 vacation certificates. These are worth over $375 million.

Additionally, you (as the business owner) and your family will be granted 1 vacation/year. Once you go to one of these, you will be assured of Marketing Boost as you enjoy the good life.

Who is Marketing Boost For?

A huge chunk of the 5000+ members comprises of independent sales professionals like coaches, real estate and insurance agents, authors, travel agencies, and business owners. I recommend this program for businesses that are already established and are generating a high, consistent income.

This is because it can be risky to invest in it if you are still struggling as it might eat into your little profit. However, if you have a well-established business, Marketing Boost is the ideal solution to grow and appreciate your client base.

That said, if you are not sure about Market Boost, they guarantee your satisfaction in training. This means you can get your money back within the first 30 days after signing up if you are not happy with what you get.

You can also apply for the affiliate program to get some money back. From this, you can earn 40% monthly residual commissions for each client that you bring on board.


  • 3 flexible membership packages.
  • Offers you and your family a vacation package.
  • Multiple client incentives per month.
  • Wide variety of vacation destination locations.
  • Offers training to improve business practices.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Short 7-day trial period.
  • Little bit expensive.


In conclusion, I highly recommend Marketing Boost because it is a highly valuable partner in your business growth journey. Apart from offering high-value vacation and restaurant incentives, you get valuable training on how to improve your marketing and sales strategies. All these are meant to increase your client base and consequently, your income in the long run.

In addition to that, you get access to a community of over 5000 business owners and professionals on Facebook. You can gather a lot of knowledge and experience from these people, then apply it to improve your business.

Enjoy Marketing Boost 7 Day FREE TRIAL Here »