Jungle Scout Review and Special Offer (2019)

jungle scout review

Filled by Amazon (FBA) business can boost your income if you land on the right product and right management. But knowing which product to sell in your Amazon FBA business is a daunting task unless when proper research and analysis is done on the market place. The good news is there is a tool to make your business easier, named Jungle Scout. And this page is about Jungle Scout Review.

In this Jungle Scout review, you will learn:

  1. What is Jungle Scout
  2. What you can do with Jungle Scout
  3. Features
  4. Plans and Pricing
  5. Pros and Cons
  6. Alternatives and Comparison
  7. Should you buy Jungle Scout
  8. Jungle Scout Special Offer

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a website based tool that helps people in making the right decision about the best product to sell on Amazon. It does this by analyzing and sorting through a long list to identify the Amazon products that are suitable and profitable.

The tool considers factors like the number of reviews, best seller rank, and many more to give you the right number of estimated sales. It can be used as a web application or as a browser extension. When searching for Amazon.com, it will give you a detailed and fast analysis of the page’s results.

What you can do with Jungle Scout

what you can do

Jungle Scout helps you to perform several functions. It helps you discover profitable products by using tracking features and powerful exploration. It also helps you find product ideas based on demand and supply, keyword trends, and track sales opportunities. You can as well use it to find unique keywords and track your competitor’s sales by adding their products on to the product tracker.

Jungle Scout Features

jungle scout features review

Jungle Scout features are separated into 4 categories:

  1. Find Product Tools
  2. Keyword Tools
  3. Find Supplier Tools
  4. Launch Tools

Each categories come with some powerful tools as described below.

1. Find Product Tools

find product tools

A. Product Database

This is one of the finest and most useful Jungle Scout features that you need to learn about as it is the feature that will help you discover products with ease. Once you click on Product Database, it displays up to 30 different niches from which you can choose your desired categories thus simplifying the process of finding products in Amazon.

How to Use:

Click on the product filter criteria found at the top right of the Product Database feature and set the filtering criteria you want. Click on the Search Option and leave the rest to Jungle Scout. It will give you the exact data you are looking for and hence making it easy for you to find Amazon products that you think are more import to you.

B. Product Tracker

Once you have discovered your product(s) using the criteria above, the next important Jungle Scout you will need to use is the Product Tracker. With the help of this tool, you will be able to analyze and track products on Amazon and get precise sales data. It lets you know how certain products are performing over a give duration thus making it easy for you to discover the most profitable ones. You will be able to monitor your competition with the help of this tool.

How to Use:

Once you have identified the most relevant Amazon product, add it to the Product Tracker, Set your preferred time duration and market place and let Jungle Scout do the rest. It will display all the sales data related to the product you are considering thus helping you to make viable decisions. It will give you information such as Avg price, daily units sold, Avg daily revenue, number of reviews, etc.

C. Niche Hunter

If you want to discover niche opportunities on Amazon with ease, then you need to learn about Niche Hunter. It is one of the coolest features and using it doesn’t require specials skills. This feature lets you discover the most recent trending products and also highlights great keywords that can be useful as far as your listing titles are considered. With this tool, you can discover as many new opportunities as possible.

How to Use:

Set your preferred parameters such as price range, monthly demand, competition level, etc and let Jungle Scout handle the rest. It will display millions of niche opportunities within no time and thus making it easy for you to make viable decisions.

D. Sales Estimator

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator tool is a very useful tool as it lets you check the Avg monthly sales figures for particular Amazon categories. Such information is very useful as far as product launch is concerned. Other than that, this tool also enables you to spy on your top competitors.

How to Use:

  • Insert the sales rank you wish to get sales data for.
  • Decide your market place.
  • Choose your Amazon product category and the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator will display the monthly sales data you are looking for.

2. Keyword Tools

jungle scout keyword tools review

A. Keyword Scout

If you are looking to generate some competent keywords for your product listings then Keyword Scout should be your dearest tool. With the help of this tool, you will be able to generate some valuable and relevant keywords that you can use in your Amazon PPC campaigns and also in your product listings. Likewise, you will be able to discover the keywords that are being used by your topmost competitors (employ reverse ASIN) and thus helping you to boost the SEO of your product listings.

How to Use:

Using this tool is not complicated and anybody can do this.
Simply insert your competitor’s ASIN or your desired keyword. Once you do this, Jungle Scout will come up with a comprehensive list of keywords that you can use in your product descriptions.

B. My List

My List tool helps you to analyze and organize your keywords so as to simplify the process of creating and organizing your listing. With the help of this feature, you will be able to stay organized and also to use the most competitive keywords for your product listing.

How to Use:

Once you are logged into your Jungle Scout account, click on the “Keywords” options from the menu. Once you do this, three options will be displayed:

  • Keyword Scout
  • My Lists
  • Listing Builder

Next, click on My Lists option and select the Get Started button. You will be prompted to give your list a title and then finalize the process of creating your new List. Now get back the Keyword Scout and search for the most competitive keyword. Add them to your new list.

C. Listing Builder

Once you’ve generated some valuable keywords using the Keyword Scout feature the next useful tool you will need to use is Listing Builder. This is the tool that will guide you on how to make use of these keywords and how to optimize their placement in Amazon listings. You will be able to get the best out your keywords with the help of this tool as it shows you where to place them.

Other than that, it ensures that you make use of all the keywords so as to rank high quickly. It lets you use the “listing preview feature” to figure out how your listing will appear like once live.

How to Use:

Click on the Content Creator and Jungle Scout will display all the fields where you can add you keywords from My List. The keywords will be added to your titles, descriptions, features, etc. You can now copy these texts and paste them in your product listing. As said above, the preview feature” to figure out how your listing will appear like once live.

D. Listing Grader

This tool will help you to check how your product listings are doing so that you can be able to figure out where you need to perfect. It is a free tool that does not require any special skill to use.

3. Find Supplier Tools

find supplier tools

A. Supplier Database

This tool is one of the most important features when it comes to finding reputable suppliers on Amazon. With the help of this tool, you will be able to discover your potential global suppliers without too much hassle. It gives you all the information necessary information you would wish to know regarding a supplier you are considering.

For instance, it will show you how shipments the supplier(s) in question has completed, customer volume, minimum shipment quantity, time of delivery and many others. You can use this information to compare all the potential suppliers and opt for the ones who meet your criteria.

How to Use:

You can search with this tool using three different criteria:

  • By product
  • By Company Name
  • Supplier Name

Either add the product, company or the supplier name you wish to search for. Next set your desired filtering criteria. For instance, the country of origin, price, max and min shipments, max or min number of customers, etc. Jungle Scout will then display a comprehensive list of all the suppliers who meet your particular search criteria. You will see an option that lets you go their company info so that you can contact them.

B. My Supplier

Once you have discovered your potential suppliers using the Supplier Database as discussed above, you will need to keep their information for future reference. Jungle Scout My Supplier feature enables you to keep all the information regarding the potential suppliers you identified in a safe place where you can easily refer to in the future. This enables you to stay organized and to retrieve such information easily whenever needed.

How to Use:

Search for the suppliers who meet your particular criteria from the Supplier Database directly save them with the help of My Supplier tool. This way you will have a reference to your verified potential vendors.

4. Launch Tools

jungle scout launch tools review

A. Email Campaigns

Launch Email Campaigns enable you to stay in touch with your customers. It lets you confirm whether they received their products as expected or whether there were issues with the products they received. With the help of this tool, you can request your customers to leave their feedback and/ reviews. It sends auto emails and thus saving you too much time that you would otherwise waste sending such emails manually.

Other than that these Launch-Email Campaigns can help you to:

  •  Boost your sales and to gain social proof
  •  Rank higher, and
  •  Get reasonable conversions

 The tool is very easy to use and does not require any special skills.

B. Product Promotions

This is yet another component of Jungle Scout Launch Feature that gives you a promotional marketplace where you can promote your discounted products. Once you create a product promotion, it will be visible on the Jump Send marketplace and the shoppers searching for favorable deals here can ask for a coupon code so as to buy your item. That discounted sale is of great significance as it makes make your products more discoverable.

Product promotions likewise benefit you in many ways. It helps you to:

  • Launch your products successful
  • Boost sales velocity
  • Boost your product rank

Jungle Scout Plans and Pricing

jungle scout pricing review

Any purchasing of Jungle Scout for any plan are covered with 14 day 100% money back guarantee. So you have no reason to worry to try their product. However you need to understand which plan best suit for your needs.

Jungle Scout has different pricing for you who don’t have Amazon Seller Central Account and for you who have Amazon Seller Central Account.

For you who DON’T HAVE Amazon Seller Central Account, here are the plans:

Billing PeriodJungle ScoutJungle Scout & ExtensionExtension
Equals $39/mo
Save $120
Equals $49/mo
Save $348
Equals $19/mo
Save $240

For you who HAVE Amazon Seller Central Account, here are the plans:

Pricing varies based on confirmed monthly orders in your Amazon Seller Central account.

Below is an illustration for 0 – 500 monthly orders:

Billing PeriodJungle ScoutExtension
Equals $39/mo
Save $120
Equals $19/mo
Save $240

Below is an illustration for 501 – 2000 monthly orders:

Billing PeriodJungle ScoutExtension
Equals $39/mo
Save $120
Equals $19/mo
Save $240

The next level of confirmed monthly orders are 2001 – 5000, 5001 – 10000, and 10000+.

There is a cheaper – less features – alternative for Extension, named Extension Lite. But the only billing period is annual, there is no monthly payment. Below are the differences between Extension and Extension Lite:

ExtensionExtension Lite
Single User Account
Daily & Monthly Sales
Monthly Revenue
Rating & Review Tracking
Category & Seller Ranking
Historical Sales & Pricing
Estimated FBA Fees
Product Opportunity Score
Listing Quality Score
Single User Account
Daily & Monthly Sales
Monthly Revenue
Rating & Review Tracking
Category & Seller Ranking
Historical Sales & Pricing
Estimated FBA Fees
Product Opportunity Score
Listing Quality Score

Pros and Cons of Jungle Scout


There are several advantages as far as this tool is concerned. Some of the benefits include the following;


The most frequent question often asked by everyone is how easy it is to use an application or software. There is no point in using something that will give you a headache by the end of the day while trying to use it. You also don’t go for software that requires technical knowledge to use.

Basically, Jungle Scout is among the user-friendly software or tools that do not require much knowledge to get started using them. Almost all its features like input boxes and toggles work perfectly and easily. This is actually a time-saving tool that helps in product research.

Customer Support

jungle scout support review

Another factor to know if you are dealing with a nice application or software is the way you are treated by their support team. Are you satisfied with their services? Do they respond quickly?

Actually, these are things to keep into consideration when deciding on any application. Jungle Scout on that matter receives the highest scores. They are offer quick and accurate responses available 24/7.


Accuracy is a factor that requires some time to judge. You cannot judge an application and assume it is accurate in what it does. Jungle Scout predictions can be measured in real results and in real sales.

I have confirmed that sales after 6 months match precisely well to approximations and estimates of the Jungle Scout tool. The sales projection varies over 6 months within some hundred dollars and the quantity of the sales is basically off by few commodities.

Plenty of learning

Every easy to use application usually has a guide where everyone can read and understand how it works. Jungle Scout has an easy to follow guide where beginners can read and understand how to use it well.

Can send a screenshot for others to review

Jungle Scout tool has the ability to send screenshots for others to review. This makes them decide if it is worth or not.


  • Some people see the monthly plan for Extensions and Applications are somehow expensive although you can always save your money by choosing the annual plan.
  • The complete Chrome Extension and Web App integration have some challenges to work out. But you can always get to understand them well by reading the guide.

Jungle Scout Alternatives and Comparison

When it comes to knowing how important a product really is, it basically assists to compare it with competitors or alternatives available in the market. Well, let us have a look at two closest Jungle Scout alternatives and how they are compared. They are AMZScout and Unicorn Smasher.

Jungle Scout vs AMZScout

Jungle Scout and AMZScout are among the best tools for merchandise searching. Many people find it hard when it comes to choosing the two but today, the burden is no more.

If you have been wondering whether to choose AMZScout or Jungle Scout, then Jungle Scout is the best option. Why? Well, it is an improved version of the AMZScout.

Many people have benefited from Jungle Scout and it is currently receiving many positive reviews. AMZScout offers a basic version for free but free is not always good. You will not access the advanced features of the tool until you purchase premium plans (which is actually much more expensive than Jungle Scout).

There is more to what Jungle Scout can offer compared to AMZScout. The AMZScout is only affordable when you are purchasing a 1 month plan. If you consider using the Jungle Scout option, then you will save a lot when you choose the annual plan.

Jungle Scout vs Unicorn Smasher

The only benefit when it comes to Unicorn Smasher is that it is free to download and install. It is critical for every prospect Amazon seller to opt for Jungle Scout. Remember, cheap is always expensive and the more you are ready to risk, the more you are most likely going to win. Both Unicorn Smasher and Jungle Scout work the same way but the Jungle Scout has a lot of features that are very critical for every Amazon seller.

Basically, the Jungle Scout is an improved version of Unicorn Smasher. As far as speed is concerned, Jungle scout is faster and quicker. Jungle Scout is easier to use and offers great user experience compared to the Unicorn. I can recommend Jungle Scout as one of the highest Amazon seller tools.

The fact that Unicorn Smasher is free, it has fewer features compared to Jungle Scout. Another concern is that the Unicorn tool is not very accurate and it overestimates.

Comparison of Jungle Scout vs AMZScout vs Unicorn Smasher

Product TrackerYesYesYes
Sales EstimatorYesYesYes
Supplier DatabaseYesNoNo
Listing BuilderYesNoNo
Keyword scoutYesNoNo
Chrome ExtensionYesYesYes
My SupplierYesNoNo
Product DatabaseYesNoNo
Google Trend AnalysisYesNoNo
Web ApplicationYesYesYes
My ListsYesNo No
Email CampaignsYesNoNo

CONCLUSION: Sould You Buy Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a must-have tool if you want to be successful on Amazon. It helps you to research the best product; best niche and spy on your competitors giving you access to data that helps you find your market. It can take you several trials and error to get a nice niche without Jungle Scout. With that in mind, it is worth investing in the Jungle Scout tool over its competitors to drive your Amazon FBA business.

Special Offer

Below is the link you can purchase Jungle Scout at the lowest price possible, because anytime Jungle Scout launch a new special offer, they launch it here: Jungle Scout’s Official Special Offer