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Most of you come to this page because you are searching for web scraper or web extractor software or Helium Scraper reviews.

You come to the perfect site as here you can get anything you need to know before you purchase any web scraper or web extractor, including the Helium Scraper.

Also why I strongly suggest Helium Scraper and how to get Helium Scraper at the best price possible.

To be exact, here are what you will learn in this post:

  1. What is web scraper
  2. How to choose the right web scraper software
  3. About the Helium Scraper
  4. What makes Helium Scraper unique and the most powerful web scraper
  5. How to get Helium Scraper at the lowest price possible

What is web scraper

To be short, web scraper is a tool to extract data from website. It could be contact database (ie: user names, email addresses, website address, social media ID, etc.), demographic data, product price list, statistic data, trends, and many more.

Some purposes of web data extract are:

  • To build supplier price database
  • To find best offers by comparing prices from multiple sites
  • To discover trends for business and academic research
  • To extract information for data journalism
  • To build contact list for business approach
  • To analyze forums or social sites to discover trends and patterns
  • To apply sorting and filtering to the data provided by any website, and to extract data for machine learning (programming)

How to choose the right web scraper software

There are at least 5 points you need to take a look while picking the best web scraper. They are:

  1. Number of data the software could scrap
    The number of data is counted and compared by percentage of scraped data. For example, a website contains of 100 email addresses, if the software could scrap and get up to 50 emails then 50% is the ability to scrap of the software. The more data the software could scrap, the better the software.
  2. Speed
    Since you may need to scrap tens or hundreds of websites, then speed of scraping does really matter. The more the speed, the better the software.
  3. Ability to capture data from protected sites
    These days, many websites are encrypted by high-level technology to keep the data secured and protected from scraper. Not all web scraper could scrap data from those websites. Using the wrong web scraper will end you in getting a very limited data or even zero data scraped.
  4. Ability to multi-task scraping
    With ability to multi-tasking, a good web scraper could works parallel on several number of tab or browsers as required. This will save you a lot of time compared to run the scraper on several jobs one by one.
  5. Compatibility
    The last thing you need to consider is the software must be compatible with your Operating System and the server’s operating system (in case you use VPS).

About The Helium Scraper

Helium Scraper 3 (latest version) is an award-winning web scraper in 2020. With the technology behind the software, you can scrap a very big website data in really high speed. It also able to do multi-tasking by running on several browsers at the same time.

With a clean and simple interface, any action will be easy to do by all users. All features are designed to be extremely user-friendly to cut your learning curve. All data extracted by this software can be exported to CSV or Excel files so you can manage the data easily.

Below are the system requirements to run the Helium Scraper 3 (latest version):

  • 64 bit Windows 7, 8, 10 / Windows Server 2012+
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 8 GB Disk Space
  • .NET Framework 4.6.2 (Included)
  • Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (Included)

Which means most computers can run the software.

What makes Helium Scraper unique and the most powerful web scraper

Below are some of the powers of Helium Scraper that made this software better than any other web scraper software:

Fast Extraction
With this feature, the software could automatically delegate tasks to separate browsers.

Even Faster Extraction
This feature blocks images and any unwanted web data.

Big Data
With SQLite, this software can hold up to 140 terabytes (the biggest in the industry).

Database Generation
Table relations are generated based on extracted data.

SQL Generation
With this feature, you can easily join and filter tables you want to export.

API Calling
Integrate web scraping and API calling into a single project.

Text Manipulation
Generate functions to match, to split or to replace extracted text.

JavaScript Support
This feature enables the software to inject and run custom JavaScript code on any website.

Proxy Rotation
To avoid IP blacklist, you can use proxies (if needed), then this feature will automatically rotate your proxies.

Similar Elements Detection
This feature enables the software to automatically detects similar elements from 1 or 2 samples.

Data Exporting
You can export data to several types of file, including CSV, Excel, XML, JSON or SQLite.

With this feature, you can schedule your tasks and the software will run automatically at the preferred time.

Another good thing that make Helium Scraper unique and more valuable than it’s competitors is you can use the software for UNLIMITED number of extract and UNLIMITED data to extract. All with one-time investment instead of monthly cost.

How to get Helium Scraper at the lowest price possible

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