Best Email Extractor in 2020 – TEST & RESULTS

best email extractor 2020

In this ultimate guide, you will learn:

  1. The basic of email marketing without list building
  2. Getting the right email list
  3. Choosing the best email extractor software
  4. Getting the right X2Emails account
  5. Step-by-step extracting emails from Facebook group
  6. How to send bulk non-permission emails with over 90% Inbox rate
  7. Final thought

Let’s get started…

The basic of email marketing without list building

Most of email marketing method starts with list building. You create a landing page that is offering a reward for anyone opt-in your newsletter or join as your subscribers. About 80% or more use the approach.

What cons with the method?

It takes too long to build. Unless you have a giant budget for paid traffic.

For example, you want to build 10,000 email list. Let’s assume your opt-in rate is about 5% (means you get 5 subscribers from every 100 unique visitors), then you need to get 200,000 visitors (10,000 : 5%).

How long will you take to get that many visitors if your daily visitors is about 1000 visitors? Yes, you need 200 DAYS. It is over 6 months!

How about email marketing WITHOUT list building? How long will you take to have 10,000 email list?

Depends on the tool (software) you use. With the right tool, you just need 3 HOURS!

Yes, the game is 6 MONTHS versus 3 HOURS.

If so, then why most people start with list building? Why they prefer use the slow method?

There are two reasons:

First, most people believe in the power of permission-based email marketing. With list building, you have list of people allowing you to send them emails. Without list building, you send emails to people don’t know you and don’t expect your email.

Second, most people don’t know how to get targeted emails since this is not a popular method. You can say this is an underground method.

What exactly is email marketing without list building?

Instead of building the list, you get the list. It can be buying email list, or extracting email with email extractor software.

Buying list is absolutely bad idea. Why? Simply because you don’t know exactly the source of the list. It can be any list someone mixed out there. They are (in most case) very far from your target. You should not expect any conversion from this kind of list.

Then, how about extracting emails? Any good?

Yes. But, again, depends on the tool. Most email extractor software scrap email database from mail provider or website. For example, you extract emails from,,, etc.

The problem is… what conversion you may expect from sending emails to ANYONE @, ANYONE @, ANYONE @ You have no clue to any factor regarding the list. You don’t know their interest, location, age, sex, etc.

Even the software could scrap from specific website like,,, or… again, you still can’t expect any conversion by sending to them.

Even if you have a good product to offer to some person on Toyota company, you just need one person from the company that is eligible to make buying decision to your product, right? You could just send email to their Contact Us email and no need to blast ANYONE @

Getting the right email list

What is the right email list?

The right email list is email list that easy to convert to sales. Means, the list should be targeted, close to your niche, related to your product’s consumers, matched your target audience.

For example, if you are selling Forex trading indicator (Forex software), which one will be more converting list: The list you get from a group of Forex traders, OR the list you get from ANYONE @ Of course the best one is from a group of Forex traders. The conversion rate can be 1000% higher (or even more).

Then how to get the list from a specific group?

facebook email extractor

The best one is from Facebook.


First, because Facebook has the largest audience compared to any other social network platform in the planet. Today (May 2020), there are 1.69 BILLION of active users on Facebook. With this large audience, you may expect to get tens or hundreds of groups matched to your niche.

Second, because no one will join Facebook group if they are not interested to the group’s topic, i.e: only Forex traders (or someone learn to be a Forex trader) do join a Forex group on Facebook. So, by getting a list from Facebook group, you get a very relevant audience to your niche.

Third, because most people check Facebook every single day. Even some of them check Facebook 2 – 5 times a day. Based on official statistic, about 47% of Facebook users use Facebook mobile app which enable them to check the network anywhere, anytime.

Why this could be your benefit? Because since they check Facebook everyday, most of them will leave the group that they don’t need or don’t interest anymore. Means the database you get from Facebook group are mostly uptodate. They are members who STILL interested to the topic.

Choosing the best email extractor software

There are several email extractor that could scrap email from Facebook group, but most of them do not get the user’s login email. They scrap the Facebook email version which the format is USERNAME@FACEBOOK.COM. Something like,,

The problem with the email list is… you can’t reach them. You can NOT send email to them. Since about 5 years ago Facebook blocked any emails sent to their member with the format of

The only way to reach Facebook users through email is by sending them to a NON email. And it could be their login email.

There are only 8 email extractor software could extract email from Facebook group members with the result of their login email. And we have tested them all. Below is the test results in graphic:

Note: To protect the brands’ reputation, we do not display the exact name of each email extractor, except the one with the best result.

email extractor - scraping results comparation

We have to say, the best one is X2Emails.

It’s easy to decide the best one, since the test results are extremely far different. From the 8 email extractor software, only X2Emails (Biz version) could scrap up to 80% of the group’s members (we got 79% to be exact). While other email extractor got only 10% max (even some of them got less than 5%).

Means, if you scrap a Facebook group consists of 22,000 members, you will get up to 17,000 emails with X2Emails, while you get no more than 2,200 emails with other email extractors.

Another point plus with X2Emails email extractor are:

1. Several data

Instead of getting only the members’ emails, you could get also their:

  • Name
  • Location (City and Country)
  • Gender
  • Birthday

2. Facebook Fan page

Beside scraping from Facebook Group, you could also scrap from Facebook Fanpage (to get the fanpage’s followers).

In most cases, Fanpage has many more members (followers) than group. It could be 5 – 10 times bigger (or even more) than group.

But for sure, with Fanpage you get a bit lower quality in audience targeting, since it’s easier to follow a fanpage than to join a group. You just need to click “Like” on Fanpage to Follow the page. While mostly you need to answer some questions to join a group. Group members are more “seriously like” the topic of the group rather than Page followers.

However, if you target the right fanpage, it’s still a very good resource to market your product.

3. The speed

Even though X2Emails email extractor beat all competitors in the number of scrap results, the scraping time is not longer than any of them. Even still the fastest one.

Below is the speed comparation among the 8 email extractors. We tested them to extract the same Facebook group (contains of 22,000 members) with finish time as shown as below:

email extractor speed comparison

All extractor finished the scraping in under 24 hours. X2Emails finished the scraping in about 7 hours, while other extractor took from about 7.5 to 22.5 hours.

Getting the right X2Emails account

X2emails comes with 3 types of account: Free, Professional and Business account.


You will get only 2% of group members if you chose the wrong account type. Most consumers got trapped in a wrong choice because X2Emails Business option is hidden to make it exclusive.

With Free account, you can do nothing but just explore the member area.

While with Professional account (Price is $59), you could scrap data of ONLY 2% of both Facebook group and fan page.

The best choice is Business account (Price is $149 for lifetime). This option give you ability to extract up to 80% of Facebook group members and up to 60% of Facebook fan page followers.

The Business account price is about 3 times of the Professional, but the ability to scrap data is 30 – 40 times bigger. So, there is no reason to choose Professional account, unless your budget is only $59 and you will be satisfied with the results of only 2% of group members.

Steps to get X2 Business account

To get X2 Business account, you must first sign up to Free account, which you can access through the link below:

By default, the link goes to sign-in (not sign-up) page, but you will see a Sign Up page below the sign-in button. Click the link to register your free account.

Once you created your free account, confirmed your email, and login to your Dashboard, you will see an option to upgrade to Professional account with the price of $59… But DO NOT upgrade to Professional account!!!

avoid false account upgrade

Because as mentioned above, the Professional account could scrap only 2% of group members and fanpage followers.

Instead, AFTER you login to your Dashboard, visit this link:

You’ll see an option to upgrade to Business account. The Business account price is $149 (one time payment), for unlimited use and free lifetime updates.

business account

This is the right account you should upgrade to. With this account you could extract up to 80% of Facebook group members and up to 60% of Facebook fanpage followers.

Step-by-step exctracting emails from Facebook group

Before you do your first extract, you need to go to “Add Facebook Account” tab on the top left menu on your Dashboard and follow the instructions.

You will need to download X2 Chrome Extension and login to your Facebook. If you have any technical issue, you could ask support team through the dashboard’s live chat and they will guide you.

The Chrome extension will generate a token code which you have to input on your “Add Facebook Account” tab, to connect your X2Emails with your Facebook account, so the extractor could extract data as you want (to generate emails from Facebook group and page).

Don’t worry, this is 100% safe for your Facebook account and also your privacy as the software doesn’t collect any data from your own Facebook account.

After you successfully added your Facebook account to your X2Emails dashboard, you can start your first email scraping.

Here are the steps to extract emails from Facebook group:

1. Go to your Facebook account and find a group in your niche

To extract emails from PRIVATE Facebook group, you need to first join the group. But to extract emails from PUBLIC Facebook group, you don’t need to join the group.

If you don’t want to join any group, you can choose Public groups only.

2. Get the group ID

Copy the URL of the group, then paste it to “Find Facebook Object ID” tool. It will convert the group URL to Facebook Object ID.

find facebook object id

3. Extract the group emails

Since you have upgraded your account to Business account, then you can access and use VIP Services’ tools.

Paste the group ID to the Group Extractor V5 tool and start your extract.

extract emails now

4. Wait till the extracting finished

Average speed of extracting a group is around 3000 – 3500 members per hour. If something happened and caused your extraction interrupted and stopped, you don’t need to repeat it from the beginning. You will get “Last Session ID” which you can use to restart the extract right from the part you stopped. This feature is very useful when you scrapped a group or fanpage with a very large number of audience or if you have an unstable internet connection.

5. Download the result and save it to your computer

The result is in CSV format. If you need the data of email address and name only, simply convert coma to column on your Excel.

How to send bulk non-permission emails with over 90% Inbox rate

inbox rate

Inbox rate is very important for your business. No matter how good is your list, how good is your email message, and how good is your offer, they will be all useless if your message can’t reach your audience’s Inbox.

Since Gmail is the most used email platform, then you need to know how to reach Gmail Inbox. Not Spam folder and not Promotion tab.

The best part, if you can reach Gmail Inbox successfully, you can assure that you reached all other platforms’ Inbox. Because Gmail has the hardest spam filter in the planet. When you beat the toughest one, you win all the game!

Follow this instruction to reach Gmail Inbox (and other platforms):

1. Clean up your list

This is the most important thing to do before you send email to your list. You need to ensure that the email list are all valid and still active.

Why? Because if you send to too many (above 1% is categorized as too many) invalid or dead emails, your next emails will be marked as Spam by Gmail (and some other email platforms like Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. too).

There are several paid tools to validate your email list. The cheapest one (with good results) by far is DeBounce.

DeBounce accuracy is almost 100% and their validating process is very fast. Remove all the invalid and dead emails, then you are good to go.

2. Use top quality email marketing services with good deliverability

There are several email marketing services with good deliverability. But only a few of them allow you to send emails to non-opt in list. And some of them also do not accept specific niches like: make money online, weight loss, MLM, forex, beauty and health care, etc.

Based on our experience, the best choice is SendGrid. They have excellent deliverability (very good Inbox rate), they allow sending to non-opt in list, and they allow any niche.

What Sendgrid do care are only the list validation (all emails are valid and active), and the spam report (the more recipients report your email as spam, the lower your sender’s quality score).

3. Validate your domain

To maximize your Inbox rate, Sendgrid will ask you to validate your domain by creating some DNS records (CNAME) before you send your first email. This is easy to do since Sendgrid already provide the guide. This action will take only 10 minutes to complete, and you will need to do once for lifetime.

4. Put Unsubscribe link

Always give your audience option to opt-out (unsubscribe) from your list. If they can’t find unsubscribe link, mostly they will click the “Report As Spam” feature that will kill your business.

5. Do not blast all your list at first

Instead, do it gradually! For example you have 10,000 email list. Don’t blast them in one send! Split to several sends and increase your sending gradually.

I.e., you can start with first send to 500 contacts only. Then wait for 6 hours, and send to the next 1000 contacts. Then wait for 6 hours, and send to the next 2000 contacts. And so on, until you finish with the 10,000 contacts. This is to avoid your bulk messaging trigger Gmail’s (and other platform’s) spam filter.

6. Avoid use of image in your email message

Don’t use any image in your email message unless you have to. And don’t paste more than one link in your message. This is to maximize your Inbox rate.

7. Don’t make your recipients angry with you

Do not send email to the same person every single day. Give it a break of at least 2 days. Otherwise they will hate you and choose unsubscribe or even report your as spam. This is something that you want to avoid in this business.

Final Thought

Selling through non-permission based email marketing can be as good as through permission based email marketing, as long as you:

  • Target the right audience
  • Use the right tool to scrap/extract the emails
  • Your message successfully land on your audience’s Inbox.

And, you need to keep in mind this one:

This is a number game. You may never have a sales conversion rate as good as permission based email marketing, but you still have a big chance to get the same number of sales.

For example:

Let’s say you have 1000 opt-in subscribers and your sales conversion rate is 3%, means by sending email marketing to them, you get 30 sales.
While your sales conversion rate in non-permission based is only 0.3% (ten times smaller). BUT… since you don’t need to build the list (instead, you grab it), you can get 10,000 audience easily in no time. Then with such low conversion rate (0.3%) you get the same number of sales (30 sales).

And, if you are an affiliate marketer – which you can promote many kind of products – you have a highly potential to make a lot of money by working in several niches at the same time. That is something really hard to do with permission based email marketing because you have to spend a lot of time and focus to build many websites.

Hopefully this post could guide you on picking the best email extractor (email scraper) software and getting the best Inbox rate in your email marketing.

Let’s make today a great day!