Commission Hero — A Student’s Honest Review

On March 2020, I joined Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero. Here are my personal opinion (honest review) to the e-course, the author, the members area and the Facebook Group, and some other information you need to know before join the e-course.

In this article, you will get information about:

  1. Introduction to Commission Hero
  2. Who is Robby Blanchard
  3. Inside the Commission Hero’s member area
  4. Inside the Commission Hero’s Facebook group
  5. Who should and should not join this e-course
  6. What I like and dislike with this e-course
  7. Join Commission Hero webinar for free

Let’s get started…

Introduction to Commission Hero

what is commission hero

Commission Hero is an e-course created by Robby Blanchard and team to help as many as people around the world to have the skill to promote Clickbank offers (or any other affiliate networks) by using the power of Facebook Ad, with the goal of $1000 sales commissions a day.

Who is Robby Blanchard

robby blanchard - the author of commission hero

Robby Blanchard is the author of Commission Hero. He is the CEO of Blanchard Media and also the founder of Crossfit Gym.

In the past, before Robby get into affiliate marketing, Robby was a personal gym trainer (beside the owner of the gym itself).

robby and crossfit team

One day Robby get stuck with the gym. He tried many ways to raise up the business, but all failed. Then he joined a Facebook Ad master-class, which is the first journey that attracted him to the power of social media advertising.

robby gym sales page

After study a lot and many trials and errors, Robby finally get his gym business raise up. Month after month, the gym become much more successful. Then Robby find something… the advertising method works!

“Why not use the same method to promote other people’s product? Clickbank maybe?”

He think so.

Then Robby tried the method for Clickbank offers, and…. BOOM – in short story – the method brought him to be #1 Top Clickbank Affiliate in 2017, 2018 and 2019 (and could be in 2020 – at the end of year).

robby blanchard in clickbank office

He is the guy behind 30k – 40k daily Clickbank earning….. in ONE OF his Clickbank accounts!

robby blanchard's clickbank snapshot

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Inside the Commission Hero member area

commission hero member area

Commission Hero’s member area consists of 12 modules:

Module 1 – Getting Started

  • Tips on how to get the most out from the e-course. In this section, Robby ask you to follow all the process step-by-step (instead of jump to specific modules) and take action directly.
  • Some motivations to not give up when you got stuck in the journey of making $1,000 a day.
  • Launch Checklist in PDF file, which is the step-by-step you need to follow when launching your ad campaigns.
  • Understanding affiliate marketing to get the right view of it’s power.
  • Some Robby’s mistakes that you need to avoid.
  • Why you shouldn’t sell straight from your ad, but rather get people to click to your ad.
  • The concept of “Slow is Fast”, which you should running slow at the beginning – to get a faster results.
  • How to deal with Facebook Ad account shut down.
  • How to open and setup your Facebook Ad accounts correctly.
  • Why you should open multiple ad accounts.
  • Understanding Clickfunnels, the software to create landing page.
  • Understanding Clickbank and how to create Clickbank account.

Module 2 – Choosing the Right Offers

  • In this module Robby teaches you how to find the best offers to promote on Clickbank and also MaxWeb (Robby’s second favorite affiliate network).
  • Most profitable niches to promote (which are health, wealth and relationship).

Module 3 – Ad Images

ad image
  • Components of good ad images (images that convert the right audience to click).
  • Where to find good graphic designers to order your ad images design.
  • How to create the image by yourself (in case you don’t want to use graphic design service).
  • How to get image CTR (Click Through Rates) of 8% – 12%.
  • Some examples of images used by Robby.

Module 4 – Setting Up A Landing Page

  • How to get Clickfunnels at 14 day free-trial.
  • Step-by-step in creating landing page from scratch with Clickfunnels.

Module 5 – Setting Up Facebook

  • Setting up your Facebook Business Manager.
  • Configure your Facebook fan page.
  • Setting up your Facebook campaigns and ad sets.
  • Creating your custom audiences.
  • Get to look over the shoulder the inside one of Robby’s successful campaigns for his top-earning affiliate offer.

Module 6 – Setting Up Facebook Pixel

  • Understanding Facebook Pixel
  • How to create new pixel
  • Place Facebook pixel on your landing page
  • How to track your sales performance
  • How to ask the merchant to place your pixel on your affiliate URL

Module 7 – Tracking Your Campaign

  • Track and make decision to your running campaigns (to keep it run or stop it).
  • Example case of campaigns to kill and campaigns to keep running.

Module 8 – Scaling

  • What campaigns to scale up
  • 5 strategic method to scale up your campaign

Module 9 – Ninja Tactics

  • Some tips and tricks to boost your affiliate commissions quickly.
  • How to request commission bump to the product’s vendor, to make your campaign more profitable.
  • How to easily spy on thousands of other profitable Facebook Ads and copy them to your campaigns. This is absolute GOLD!
  • Tips to smartly use your credit cards to fund your ad spend.

Module 10 – Bonuses

  • “Million Dollar” landing page swipe files, including 6 landing page for fitness offers, DIY offers, weight loss offers and wellness offers. They are the same landing pages Robby personally use to make millions in his affiliate commission.
  • “Million Dollar” ad images and ad copy for the health, fat loss and DIY offers.
  • Robby’s rolodex of product owners – they are product owners who Robby has build relationships with and has special deal for Commission Hero students. Ie: your commission bump request will be easier to approve since you’re Robby’s student.
  • The right mindset you must have in your mind to keep your spirit up during the journey of making $1k a day (the goal of this course).

Module 11 – Spotlight Offers

  • 2 special Clickbank offers that you can promote on Facebook Ad through direct-linking – instead of using landing page like most offers.
  • How to promote the offer without landing page and still making good sales conversion.

Module 12 – Extra Bonus

  • “Million Dollar” swipe files. You may ignore this module as the main concept of Commission Hero method is not using email sequence. This bonus is provided for some affiliates who love to do email marketing. If you don’t, then you may ignore this module.

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Inside the Commission Hero Facebook Group

By joining Commission Hero, you have two accesses: Access to member area and access to Robby’s Facebook Group.

For me, the power of the course is actually much more on the group.

While you get some theories from the member area, you get the real practical implementations on the group, because inside the group you can learn much wider from the real cases asked by other members and answered by Robby.

The group is exclusively for people joined Commission Hero e-course only. No one will be approved to join the group without first join to the e-course.

When I first joined CH (about 3 months ago), CH group members was still around 3,000, but today when I write this post, the number increases to 6,155 members.

current commission hero group's members

This makes the group much more interactive as everyday we can see new members join, new questions asked, new testimonials, new videos by Robby and team, and also by some senior members.

Here are exactly what you’ll get from the CH group:


There is Units section where Robby post some additional videos for intermediate and advanced lessons.

For example, one of the videos (which is shown below) is about analyzing your facebook ad campaign data. What number of CTR to expect, what number of CTR to kill, etc.

walkthrough video on Units

And many more videos including (but not limited):

  • Basic Walkthrough
  • 6 Weeks to Success On-Boarding
  • Live Campaign Build Workshop
  • Using Social Ad Scout
  • Warming Up your Ad Account
  • Get Ad Account Back Protocol
  • Success story (interview with successful members)
  • Interview with Facebook insider (exclusive)

and many more.

A lot of students testimonials

Since Robby encourage all members to respect and honor what you have earn by sharing your achievement on the group, I see a lot of students’ testimonials.

From small achievement (like $100 – $200 per day)…

100 a day snapshot

The ones who have just hit the goal (1k daily)…

1k a day snapshot

Till the extraordinary members with $6k – $8k daily.

over 5k a day snapshot

The Hat Challenge

To make the journey more fun, Robby gives a hat (with Heroes icon) for anyone achieved the goal (hit $1000 a day). You just need to post your Clickbank snapshot to the group and tag Robby. The hat will be sent to your home.

ask the hat

So you can act like a hero… (to proud yourself and to encourage others)…

got the hat

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Motivational videos by Robby Blanchard

motivational videos by robby blanchard

About 2 – 3 times a month, Robby post a new motivational videos to encourage all members to spirit up, keep strong and never give up whatever it takes.

He also share an inspiring insight like how he was not worry with his business anymore during the Covid-19 pandemic, even his gyms must close during the lockdown. Because he has another business (affiliate marketing) which will still exist whatever the situation.

Tutorial video by other CH coaches

You will also see some posts which Robby’s coaches post videos of how they make profitable campaign from scratch in step-by-step like shown below:

tutorial video by jeremy greenhalgh

Live Events (Scheduled)

facebook live events

About two times a month, you can join the live events by CH team where you can ask your questions (will be answered by Robby or other coach attended in the event) and get inspirations from other members’ questions. Mostly the event is about one hour length.

I suggest you to join the events even if you have nothing to ask to the coach, because the more frequent you join the events, the more case studies you could learn from.


Inside the Files section, you will also get tens of useful files that you can use for your:

  • Campaign (ie: Campaign launch checklist, appeal template, power words, etc.).
  • Landing page (like Privacy Policy template, Terms of Use template, DMCA, etc.).
  • Fan page (ie: list of blocking words of comment, etc.).

Thing surprised me

What was surprising me from the group is, before I get into the group, I thought all questions (or most ones) will be answered by Robby’s team.

To be surprised, 90% of members’ questions are always answered by Robby Blanchard HIMSELF.

questions answered by robby blanchard himself

Here I can see how he really care to his students. I see every single day he is there and answering all questions one by one. This makes your study easier since you can learn and work with Top Super Affiliate sitting on your side and ready to help and solve every detail problem you have.

Another thing surprised me

Another thing that surprised me is, inside the group’s Files section, Robby share his customer audience list!

customer audience for custom audience and lookalike audience

You might can’t see yet the power of customer audience list – if you’re new to Facebook Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience.

But, for you who already known them, you know the real value of some customer audience list. Even only small list will value a lot. While Robby customer audience is over 2,200 customers!

Basically, you can use the customer audience to “command” Facebook to show your ad only to the persons with the same criteria to the audience. With this approach, you may expect of much higher conversion for your campaign.

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Who should and should not join this e-course

Commission Hero e-course is NOT for everyone. After joined this e-course, I can say that this e-course is suit only for people with:

  • Ready budget of $200 to spend on Facebook Ad.
  • Good mentality to never give up when learning, testing and testing again.
  • Strong believe that you can achieve your goal ($1,000 a day Clickbank income).
  • Enough time to watch and learn from all the video materials (they will take about 10-14 days if you spend your time of 2-3 hours a day).
  • Positive mindset.

If you have a mental barrier (small motivation), you may still join the e-course as long as you would like to watch motivational videos and see other members’ testimonials.

There are so many posts inside the group as a testimonial contains the member’s daily earning, from small numbers (like $100 – $200 daily income) till the amazing ones with $5000 – $8000 daily.

But if you have no budget of $200 to spend on Facebook Ad, you should not join the e-course.

If you have no time to learn and you are expecting a shortcut like a get-rich-quick scheme, you should not join.

And, the last important thing, if you are people with negative mindset and no one can change your mindset, you should not join too.

What I like and dislike with the e-course

What I like:

  • As a super affiliate (and even the #1 top Clickbank affiliate), Robby is so humble and really care with his students. To be honest, I’ve joined a lot of Internet Marketing e-course lead by super affiliate, but I’ve never seen any course like this one which the owner spend his time every single day to answer all the questions. I even have no idea on how he managed his schedule to make it possible.
  • Unlike other Facebook Ad trainings which mostly use email marketing inside the strategy, Commission Hero’s method has nothing to do with email. Most other top affiliates said that you can’t make big money without building list first, but the fact Robby has sold over 3000 packs of Leptitox (current most popular weight-loss product in Clickbank) without sending even one email to his customers!
  • The customer audience lists shared by Robby and team that I mentioned above. I really love it. The list has helped many members who start from zero to hit the goal in a shorter time. I knew people advice you to teach a man to fish rather than give him a fish. But Robby gives you the way to fish and also the fishes for you to eat during your learning period, till you know exactly how to fish.
  • The way the method solve problem in paid traffic is gold! Since PPC cost is much more expensive these days comparing to 5-10 years ago, the method optimizes all factors to maximize profit . From inner factors like laser targeting audience, pre-sale the cold traffic, powerful psychology effect through Ad image and lander, closing with power words, till outer factors like requesting commission bump. Very powerful approach!
  • Unlike many other e-course on Clickbank which the money back guarantee is 30 days or up to 60 days, in CH you have 365 days to try the method. If after you learnt from all the videos inside the members area and the group, after you tried the method and launched your campaigns, you didn’t get any succeed, then during one week after the 365 days you may ask for refund.

What I dislike:

  • I can not ask my personal problem without post it to the group. All questions must be share on the group. I know it will be good and help other members by sharing it on group, but for me personally, sometime I need to share my personal problem that I don’t want to share to other members. Just a personal view of mine.

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