Top 10 Best Amazon Seller Tools (Update: 2019)

amazon seller tools

Making a successful entry into the Amazon marketplace isn’t a straightforward process as it may seem. However, with the help of some top Amazon seller tools, it can be very simple. There are very many Amazon seller tools that you will come across and they are all meant to enhance your selling experience on Amazon.

These tools are meant to serve various purposes, for instance, to help you discover profitable products with ease, generate competitive keywords for product listings, manage product pricing, understand the market, get customers feedback, etc. There a few Amazon seller tools that every aspiring Amazon seller should know about and these include:


jungle scout - #1 amazon seller tools

Jungle Scout is one of the best product research tools being used by Amazon sellers. It is a very useful tool for Amazon sellers as it helps them to discover their next product with ease. It makes it easy for Amazon sellers to: track products, monitor competition, explore new product ideas and opportunities, and many more. Jungle Scout has both a Web App and Chrome Extension.

Jungle Scout has a number of features that are very useful to Amazon sellers. These features are categorized in to.


Find Product Features

  1. Product Database – With the help of this feature Amazon sellers are able to discover new profitable products with ease.
  2. Product Tracker – This tool enables Amazon sellers to monitor and analyze particular products on Amazon. It shows the performance of a product over a given time duration thus helping sellers to make viable decisions.
  3. Niche Hunter – Helps Amazon sellers to discover new opportunities with ease. Also helps them to come up with competent keywords for product listings.
  4. Sale Estimator – This tool tells Amazon lets Amazon sellers check the Avg monthly sales of certain products.

Keyword Features

  1. Keyword Scout – Helps Amazon sellers to come up with the most competitive keywords for product listings.
  2. My Lists – Helps Amazon sellers to analyze and organize their keywords.
  3. Listing Builder – Helps Amazon sellers to make use of their keywords so that they can get the best out of them.
  4. Listing grader – Lets Amazon sellers check how their product listings are performing.

 Find Supplier Features

  1. Supplier Database – Make it easy to discover your potential suppliers.
  2. My Suppliers – Helps to keep the supplier information in an organized manner for future reference.

Launch Features

  1. Email Campaigns – It enables Amazon sellers to stay in touch with their customers.
  2. Product Promotion – This tool gives Amazon sellers a marketplace where they can promote their discounted products.


Jungle Scout offers three pricing tiers as follows:

  • Jungle Scout – It cost $49/mo.
  • Extension – It cost up to $39/mo.
  • Jungle Scout & Extension – It cost up to $69/mo.
Jungle Scout Extension Jungle Scout & Extension
$49/mo $39/mo $69/mo
Annual $39 billed as $468 Annual $19 billed as $228 Annual $49 billed as $588

Why use Jungle Scout?

  • User-friendly.
  • Economical.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Reliable.

For deeper and more complete information about this Amazon seller tool, you can visit our Jungle Scout Review. We provide anything you need to know before you buy this tool.

2. HELIUM 10

helium 10 - #2 amazon seller tools

Helium 10 is an all in one mind-blowing Amazon tool that is very useful to Amazon sellers. It helps Amazon sellers to discover profitable products, generate profitable keywords, optimize product listings, remove unneeded keywords, monitor competitions, analyze product trends, etc.


Helium 10 has a number of features that are very useful to Amazon sellers:

Product Research Features

  1. Trendster – This is a handy tool that lets you analyze the performance of certain products with a given timeframe.
  2. Black Box – This tool helps Amazon sellers to discover the most profitable products based on their preferred criteria.
  3. Xray – Helps Amazon sellers to gather the most important market data so as to make reasonable decisions without taking too much time.
  4. Review Downloader – This tool will tell you to know what customers are saying about your competitor’s products and thus helping you to come up with more competitive products.
  5. Profitability Calculator – It helps Amazon sellers to make viable pricing decisions by showing the expected net profits and/or losses.

Keyword Research Tools

  1. Magnet² – This is a very handy keyword research tool that helps you to generate the most competitive and relevant keywords for the product listings.
  2. Cerebro – This tool employs reverse engineering to help Amazon sellers to discover the keywords strategies used by their top competitors.

Listing Optimization Tools

  1. Frankenstein – This tool makes it easy for Amazon sellers to process keywords. It removes unwanted words or characters and sorts the keywords so as to have the most relevant ones.
  2. Index Checker – This tool lets Amazon sellers check whether Amazon is indexing their keywords.
  3. Scribbles – This tool enables Amazon sellers to make use of the most competitive keywords so as to boost their organic ranking.
  4. Keyword Tracker – Just as the name suggests, this tool helps Amazon sellers to check how their keywords ranks.

Maintenance Tools

  1. Profits – It comprises several data points that contribute greatly to the profitability of Amazon business.
  2. Follow-Up – It is an email autoresponder that helps Amazon sellers to stay in touch with their customers.
  3. Inventory Protector – Helps Amazon sellers to set a limit on the maximum quantity that can be purchased with coupons for specific products.
  4. Refund Genie – Helps Amazon sellers to trace any lost or damaged inventory so as to seek compensation from the Amazon.
  5. Alerts – Helps to prevent frauds that may arise from listing hijackers.


Free plan $0 Platinum plan $97/month Diamond plan $197/month Elite plan $397/month

Why Use Helium 10?

  • It’s all-in-one software.
  • Offers reasonable plans.
  • Makes spying easier.
  • Gives precise data for product launching.


sellics - #3 amazon seller tools

Sellics is one of the most unique Amazon seller tools being used by Amazon sellers. Unlike other tools discussed above, Sellics has a vendor version that is very useful to the sellers.


It has very many useful features and these are:

  1. Profit measurement tool – This is a handy tool that is specifically meant to monitor your global profits and profits per product.
  2. Keyword Research Tool – Helps sellers to generate the most competitive keywords that can help to boost their rankings on Amazon.
  3. Amazon PPC Optimizer – This tool is meant to help Amazon sellers improve their keywords and ad texts.
  4. Organic Ranking Improvement – This tool is meant to show improvements on seller’s keywords, descriptions, titles and bullet points.
  5. Review Management Tool – This tool helps sellers to know what their global customers are saying about their products and services.
  6. Product Research Tool – This tool makes it easy for Amazon sellers to discover more profitable products without consuming too much time.
  7. Review Management Tool – Meant to help Amazon sellers to monitor their stocks and to prevent stocks break.


Sellics offers a 14-day free trial.The monthly plan for this package is $67/mo. If you pay biannual, the price is $57/mo.

$67/mo $57/mo

Why Choose Sellics

  • They have an interface that is simple to use.
  • They offer reasonable pricing.
  • Competent Customer support services.
  • A reliable source of Amazon marketing data.



ZonGuru is another handy Amazon seller tool that helps to make life easier for the e-merchants.


ZonGuru has a total of 12 features that are very useful to the Amazon sellers. These features include:

  1. ZonGuru Chrome Extension – This tool enables Amazon sellers to view products information (such as sales data) available on Amazon.
  2. The Business Dashboard – This tool lets Amazon sellers estimate the expected net income that they can generate from their Amazon FBA business.
  3. The Sale Spy – This let Amazon sellers monitor the total number of sales made for certain products.
  4. The Email Automator – This lets Amazon sellers create personalized emails that they can send to their customer automatically.
  5. Product Keyword Tracker – As the name suggests, this tool helps Amazon sellers to track the performance of their keywords.
  6. Product Listing Optimizer – Helps Amazon sellers to optimize their products titles, descriptions, used keywords, and feature lists.
  7. The Product Monitor – Helps Amazon sellers to schedule alerts once any of their products receive notice from customers.
  8. The Negative Feedback – This gives Amazon seller a notification whenever a customer leaves a negative review.
  9. Your Orders – It helps Amazon sellers to centralize all the useful information regarding their customers.
  10. Your Products – Helps Amazon sellers to monitor their products so that they don’t run out of products.
  11. IP Monitor – Helps Amazon sellers to protect their products from frauds.
  12. Love / Hate – This is a very useful tool and it helps to generate a comprehensive list of negative and positive points by analyzing your customer’s opinions.


ZonGuru offers three pricing tiers which include:

  • Starter – Paid $49/mo plus free trial
  • Business – Paid $99/mo plus free trial
  • Plus – paid $199/mo plus free trial
Starter Business Plus
Free trial Free trial Free trial
$49/mo $99/mo $199/mo
$420 yearly $780 yearly $1,428 yearly

Why Choose ZonGuru?

  • They offer up to 7 days trial.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Gives reliable information.
  • Reasonable pricing.



Teikametrics is a useful Amazon seller tool that empowers Amazon sellers with insights, data, and tools necessary to build a successful brand.


  1. Algorithmic Bidding Optimization – This tool helps Amazon sellers to boost their auto bidding so as to maximize sales.
  2. Product-level Profitability – This helps Amazon sellers to view their account level profitability. This includes fees, promotions, and advertising.
  3. Keyword Automation – This helps Amazon sellers to automatically add useful keywords to their campaigns.


Entrepreneur Pro Premium
$149 + 7% MONTHLY AD SPEND $799 + 3.5% MONTHLY AD SPEND $1,999 + 2% MONTHLY AD SPEND
  • Entrepreneur- Up to $15,000 in ad spend / mo.
  • Pro- $15,000 – $50,000 in ad spend / mo.
  • Premium – Over $50,000 in ad spend / mo.

Why Use Teikametrics?

  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Gives precise information.
  • Reliable.
  • Excellent customer services.



AMZScout is a product research tool that helps an Amazon seller to make the right decision when choosing a niche using the actual data. The sale statistics are provided on products sold on Amazon marketplaces. It also helps to track sales history and monitors competitor’s listings.


  • Revenue estimates – It helps you get the revenue estimated on a product.
  • Keywords explorer – This feature helps you to find estimates and PPC bids.
  • View trends – It helps analyze Google trends.
  • Profit calculator – It Helps to calculate estimated income.
  • Instant ratings – Provides fast information on a review of every product.
  •  Quick product sourcing – Helps you to get fast suppliers in one click.
  • Sales estimates – Helps you to get all the information about your niche in one click.
  • Competitor spying – It is a feature that includes all your competitor’s products and their daily sales.
  • Fulfillment details – Helps you receive FBA fees on each product.
  • Sales rank – A feature that displays the best sellers in each niche.
  • Sales history per annum – Helps to check the history of each product per year.
  • Quality of listing product – It helps analyze if the listing contains good or low quality.


Amzscout costs $44.99/mo. You can pay up to $99 per year. You can as well enjoy it for a lifetime with only $199.

$44.99 $99 $199

Why use AMZscout

  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Trusted


viral launch

Viral Launch is an Amazon seller tool designed for market intelligence. It helps you to get the most out of the Amazon analytics. Implementing this tool on your Amazon business will help you to enhance your sales and increase your profit.


Basically, Viral Launch is not only market intelligence but also an analytic tool. Below are the features:

  • Market intelligence – This is a tool that assists you to locate historic trends as well as where the market is going.
  • Keyword manager – It helps you track the data and know the analytics of keywords.
  • Listing builder – It is tools that assist you to create the list of keywords with the most influential keywords to use for your product campaign.
  • Product discovery – It is the Amazon product finder. It helps you to look for product opportunities and untapped markets.
  • Keyword research – This feature helps you in your SEO work. It offers plenty of keywords that have not been used by your competitors.
  • Listing analyzer – This feature assists you to see the listing improvements required.


There are four pricing tiers to choose from. Each tier differs from the other with the included features.

Beginner ($59/mo) – This is best suited for beginners who are looking for the first few products they want to sell.

Pro seller ($99/mo) – This tier gives you all the benefits offered in the beginner tier plus other options. It provides up to 2,000 keywords rank daily plus Ad tracking.

Brand builder ($149/mo) – The subscription offers the first two tiers with other benefits like 100 tracked competitors and up to 5,000 keyword rank daily and Ad tracking.

Kinetic ($249/mo) – It is the highest tier containing all the previous subscriptions plus other perks like: 250 listing analysis, plus hourly 300 keyword rank and AD tracking, 250 tracked competitors, and 15,000 keywords and Ad tracking.

BEGINNER $59 $50
PRO SELLER $99 $83
KINETIC $249 $208

Why choose Viral Launch

  • It offers 24/7 expert customer support
  • It offers up to 2 months free trial for annual subscription
  • It is an-all-in-one package
  • Offer robust data



ASINspector is a product finder research tool for Amazon sellers. It is used to find ideas for the products to sell on Amazon. It gives you the information that assists you to know if the product will be profitable or not.


ISINspector has winning features that makes it competitive in the market.

  • Best seller rank – The feature helps to reveal the best-selling products.
  • Accurate revenue estimator – It provides the sales volume per month that are selling well on Amazon.
  • Mobile scan – The ASINspector’s scanner feature allows you to get an idea on what to sell. You only need to take a picture of the product and then upload it on ASINspector to check the instant product’s data.
  • ASIN import – This tool helps you upload an unlimited amount of ASINs.
  • Head-to-head product pricing – It helps you compare the price of the products with other e-commerce company like eBay. This will help you have an idea of the price of a product.
  • Idea generator – It also has a feature that helps you with ideas. Basically, searching for the best product, keywords, and niche can be a daunting task. This feature helps to unearth several suggestions that can assist you to jumpstart your selling campaign.
  • Intelligent filters – You can use columns or categories as filters.
  • Star rating stats – It also incorporates a feature that makes you access the product review. The more star rating, the more it gives you the reasons to sell that product.
  • Product sourcing – It helps you research on the cost and availability of products.
  • Store and save – You can store all your searches for future use.
  • Keyword analyzer – It helps you optimization by suggesting the best keyword phrases.
  • Reverse search – It helps to search other sites like eBay and Walmart. From there, you can decide on the product you want to sell.


Standard license ($97) – It works in many devices.

Pro license – It is only $147 plus $10/mo. You can try it out for 7-day free trial.

Standard license Pro license
No free trial 7-day free trial
$97/mo $147 plus $10/mo

Why choose ASINspector

  • It is easy to use
  • Incredible time-saver
  • Re-adjust your sales plan
  • Customizable columns



AmaSuite is an amazing Amazon seller tool. One of its best features included in this tool is the Analyzer Azon Top 100. This is a tool that helps you find the best-selling products in any product category.


  • Profit dashboard – It helps you see your profit margin after deductions of all the costs like Amazon fees, promos, PPC spend, item cost, etc.
  • Fully automatic calculator – The tool deducts shipping, promos, item cost, Amazon fees, PPC fees, and taxes.


It is relatively affordable and starts at $47/mo.

Why choose AmaSuite

  • It is user-friendly
  • It is relatively cheap
  • Simple to use features


unicorn smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a research chrome extension for Amazon sellers. It provides solutions for revenue and sales estimate, opportunity scoring, order fulfillment, discreet sharing, etc.


  • Full dashboard – It helps you manage your research in an organized way.
  • Canonical URLs – It helps you check how your product’s canonical URL is optimized.
  • Export tool – It helps you download your research in CSV data.
  • Revenue estimates – It helps you manage the money made from each niche.
  • Fulfillment details – It helps you understand who you are against with (FBA, FBM, or AMZ).
  • Comprehensive data – It helps you check on the bestsellers rank, ratings, prices, reviews, and estimated sales.
  • Accurate sale estimates – Helps you to know your profits and losses.
  • Variation statistics – Provides the right metrics of products.
  • In browser analysis – To check the PPC and sales metrics in your browser.
  • AMZtracker integration – This assists you to locate market gaps with the on-page analyzer and sales tracker


Forever free.

Why choose Unicorn Smasher

  • It is free.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • Has a number of features.


The above are some of the most useful Amazon seller tools that you should try if you are really looking to take your Amazon business to the next level. As you may have noted, these tools provide you will all the necessary information that will help you to make viable decisions to boost your business. You would have yourself to blame if you are not making use of these tools.